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Wife Induces labor early so that husband could meet newborn baby before He passes away



It’s always heartwarming to see a father holding their newborn baby in their arms. But for one father who was living his final moments, it was totally heartbreaking.

Mark Aulger, 52, was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis at the time when his wife, Diane, was carrying their fifth child.

The news became bittersweet when Aulger’s family discovered that he had little time left on this earth.

In 2011, Aulger’s family celebrated Christmas together thinking Mark had beaten cancer. Mark was looking forward to holding his newborn daughter the following year. But by January 3, 2012, Mark was hospitalized again after struggling to breathe.

According to the doctors, chemotherapy had ruined Mark’s lungs and he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.

The doctors estimated Mark had only about a week left to live. The news came just a month before Diane was due for delivery.

Before Mark could go home and be with the Lord, he had just one last dying wish. He wanted to hold his newborn baby in his arms.

Diane was determined to make her husband’s last wish came true. So with help from doctors, she induced labor two weeks early to make her husband’s wish come true.

Dying father holding his newborn baby girl

On January 18, Mark Aulger was moved into a large delivery room by the hospital staff. He lay in his bed while Diane delivered their newborn baby girl two weeks early.

It was the sweetest yet heartbreaking moment to see Mark holding his baby.

“The day she was born his oxygen levels were really high, He held her for 45 minutes. Him and I just cried that whole time,” Diane told ABC News.

A few days later Mark passed peacefully while surrounded by his family including his newborn baby Savannah who was in his arms.

There is no doubt that Mark loved his family so much. May his soul continue resting in peace.

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