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Woman Helps Homeless Man After Restaurant Kicks Him Out For Asking For Some Water



Esmene Bongais-Navarro was sitting at a restaurant in Texas with a friend when a homeless man walked into the restaurant. He made his way to a server at the front of the restaurant and respectfully asked for a glass of water or a little juice.

Sadly, the server refused to help and instead told the homeless man that he would have to pay for the glass of water or juice. The poor man feeling defeated headed out.

Thank God Esmene Bongais-Navarro beared witness to the whole heartbreaking incident. The big hearted woman was not about to go about her evening and ignore the poor man who was evidently in need of a little kindness and compassion. She quickly got up and rushed out after the man.

When Esmene found the man, he was rummaging through a trash can outside the restaurant. She asked him to dinner and he gratefully accepted.

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When restaurant staff spotted him again they approached and wanted to throw him out saying that he wasn’t allowed in the restaurant, Esmene immediately told them that the man was actually her guest.

The homeless man had tears in his eyes as he looked at all the food at the buffet

The homeless man had tears in his eyes as he looked at all the food at the buffet

The man then ordered an orange juice, gulped it down and then ordered a pink lemonade. He had tears in his eyes as he looked at all the food at the buffet, then loaded up his plate with a huge pile of food which he ate every single bite of.

As Esmene watched the homeless man, enjoy his meal, she reflected on how blessed she was to be able to have all her basic needs while there were people who couldn’t tell how of when they would get their next meal.

Esmene Bongais-Navarro

Esmene Bongais-Navarro

She silently thanked God for putting her in the path of this poor man when he needed to be shown a little compassion and ultimately using her to bless this man, and she and her friend made plans to do it again the next time they saw a homeless person.

Esmene’s kindness towards this man is truly being the hands and feet of Jesus. We hope her story will inspire you to spread some kindness and compassion.