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Woman Makes It Snow In Texas To Fulfill A Promise To Her Dying Dog.



A loving dog owner who promised her dying canine one final magical day in the snow went out of her way to make sure she fulfilled her promise to her furry friend.  Ashley Niels’ 12-year-old husky-German shepherd-chow mix, Spunky, loved to play in the snow when they lived in Wisconsin. But the pair had to relocate to Austin, Texas. You see, Spunky was slowly dying of cancer, so getting to experience a little of the things he loved meant even that much more.

Niels who adopted Spunky  from a local shelter when he was just a puppy recalled, “He could spend hours in snow drifts and be just fine. He loved it. The colder it is, the happier he is. Unfortunately, Texas couldn’t give that to him.”

Because of the cancer, vets decided to put Spunky down so he wouldn’t have to go through the pain that comes with the disease. Heartbroken by the news, Niels scheduled Spunky’s appointment to have him put to sleep the next day, but not before giving him a mini blizzard.

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Some of these two best friends’  fondest memories included adventuring through the snow on winter days, then snuggling up together on frosty nights. So when the time came to say good-bye to her beloved pal,  Niels decided to bring Spunky back in time to the good old days. It was a scorching hot day in Texas, but she still made it snow.

When Niels’ co-workers and friends learned of what she wanted to do for her dying pooch, they helped rent  a snow machine to help make that wish come true. Neils said, “Spunky ‘was like ‘I’m not really sure what this is’ because the manufactured snow wasn’t cold. I think he could see how excited I was, so he thought it was pretty cool. I think he felt all the love we were trying to show him.”

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