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Woman Reveals Her Complete Alopecia In Beautiful Engagement Shoot.



“This is probably the most difficult thing I will ever do in my life. While taking our engagement pictures, I decided it was time to stop hiding from the one thing I tried hardest to conceal for almost 15 years.

It was time to embrace my true self. I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis when I was 8 years old. It is a disease where all of your hair follicles suddenly stop growing and the doctors can not figure out why or what will bring it back. They call it the mystery disease.

The Frost Collective

Nothing else is wrong with the body other than hair will not grow. As you can imagine for a young girl, this is a huge confidence killer. A women’s hair is their beauty and a main part of their self image.

I experienced lots of bullying in the early years and along the way I lost all hope that I could ever feel beautiful again. Until I met Bryan… I have never felt more confident or

The Frost Collective

more beautiful than I do with him by my side.


He has helped me be brave and realize that hair is not what makes you beautiful and is not what makes people love you, it is truly all about what’s on the inside; and for that I am forever grateful for him.

He has shown me that the people who love you do not care whether or not you have hair, and the ones who do are not worth your time or your love. So this is me, the true me.”


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