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Woman Spent Only $30 and 5 Months Crocheting On the Bus To Create Her Perfect Wedding Dress.



For most women, their wedding day is among the most important days in their lives. Their wedding dresses are especially the highlight of the whole event, as they all want the dress to be as perfect as can be, so most invest a good amount of money and time into finding the perfect dress, but for one woman, Chi Krneta, she had a whole different plan.

Chi was beyond happy when her husband proposed to her. It was a dream come true and she knew she needed to plan for her dream wedding as she would have wanted it to be.

Chi took it upon herself to design and make her own wedding dress. She spent five months creating her own special gown. As Chi rode the bus 50 minutes to work each day, she crocheted her dress bit by bit. It was a way for her to honor her paternal grandmother who had taught her the technique.

More importantly, she could create a dress unlike any other in the market while saving a ton of money at it! In total, Chi spent only 30 dollars and five months creating her perfect wedding dress. And it’s incredibly gorgeous!

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