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Woman’s Viral Post About Handicapped Spots Will Make You Think Twice About Bad Parking.



In most parking lots, the handicapped spots have a section with diagonal lines beside it. You might think it’s simply another walkway to the front of the store or restaurant, but it actually serves a very important purpose. Turns out, those lines are made for wheelchair accessible ramps, letting handicapped drivers enter and exit their cars easily.

Lifestyle blogger Rachelle Chapman recently made a Facebook post about someone who had parked part of their car in the designated ramp lane, making it impossible for her to independently get back into her car. Hopefully Rachelle’s post will raise awareness on why these lines exist and reduce the instances of people ignoring them. Here is what she wrote:

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You guys, I seriously can’t deal with this anymore. What people don’t realize, is that those lines are for a ramp and/or for wheelchair users to transfer. Because of the way this person parked, I cannot get back into my car independently and it keeps me from wanting to branch out and drive on my own. What if I’m by myself and this happens?

Now, the person parked in that spot is handicapped and most of the problems I encounter are people who legally have a handicap tag. For whatever reason, they are unaware of why these lines are there and they use it as an excuse to park badly. There are many people who have disabilities that don’t involve wheelchairs and I guess this is something they just have never thought about. Please, PLEASE Park within the lines. If you need the space on the passenger side, then back in.

If you are driving a car and you have a choice between a van accessible spot and a regular accessible spot, please don’t use the van spot. Could all of you please share this? And I know this is an unlikable post but like it anyways so more people see it. I seriously need to let the world know so that this stops happening and people in wheelchairs can have as much accessibility as possible. BraunAbility Van Products, Inc.”