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Young Boy Invents A Genius Device To Stop Children Dying In Hot Cars After His Neighbor’s Death, Brilliant!



The number of children who have perished from having heat strokes in hot cars since 1998 is heartbreaking. With over 712 lives lost in senseless and preventable ways, it’s a summertime topic that parents and caregivers find themselves concerned with.

There hasn’t been much of a solution for a way to stop this tragedy from striking until a brilliant 10 year old boy named Bishop Curry created a prototype for a life-saving device. He got the idea for the Oasis after he learned a neighbor’s six-month-old baby had died from being left in an overheated car.

Although it’s currently a 3-D clay model, Bishop’s innovative design incorporates both cooling down a hot car when it gets overheated while simultaneously alerting authorities and parents via antenna that a child has been left in a hot car.

So far, Bishop and his father have raised over $24,000 through a GoFundMe account to help pay for the patent and the manufacturing costs. Thanks to the genius idea of this fifth grader, more lives can hopefully be saved.

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