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Young Girl Starts Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ Then Adds Twist To Classic That Has Everyone Going Wild!



Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots.”  is one show you can be sure to be impressed with. In the show, you get to see so many incredibly talented kids, so much so its guaranteed to leave you blown away. The children are often so small, but their talents are so big, giving incite to the show’s name.

All the little talents on this show are amazing, but when it comes to singing there’s one particular name that really stood from the crowd! “Gospel Girl”, Skylynn, has some mind blowing talent when it comes to singing, but it’s not just any singing, given her name “Gospel Girl”, it’s quite clear that gospel music is her forte!

As soon as Skylynn begins to sing the “Amazing Grace” everyone is way beyond impressed. But what really took the audience by surprise was her own little twist to this gospel classic. About a minute into her performance you can sense that this little artist is up to something when the music speeds up and there’s a smile running ear-to-ear on Skylynn’s face.

With the music picking up the pace, the girl is now joined by dancers and background gospel singers who are singing and dancing and really enjoying themselves with her on stage. The crowd goes wild over this unique and unexpected rendition of the song! And we are pretty sure you will love this new version too!


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