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Young Man Pushes Disabled Stranger UPHILL For A Mile To Get Her Home After Wheelchair Breaks Down



A young man from Georgia is being hailed a hero after he helped a disabled woman who was stranded, after her wheelchair broke down in the middle of the road, and pushed her to her home, which was half an hour away in the scorching 90-degree heat.

24 year old Bilal Quintyne was on a jog when he saw the woman in her wheelchair with her wheelchair engine dead and her wheels partially slanted on the busy street.

Quintyne later posted a video clip of the rescue on his Facebook page with the caption, “God’s Plan. God’s Work. Her battery gave out and she didn’t no how she was getting home. God blessed me with a able body. So WE pulled her home. A mile or not I wouldn’t go home until she was home. Period.”

The clip shows Quintyne heavily sweating as he struggles to push the woman’s wheelchair through uphill streets all the while passing a short inspiring message.

He said, “I don’t care what you’re going through. WhenGod calls you for help, you’re supposed to help, period. I don’t care what you going through personally. When he stops you to help, you’re supposed to help, period.” To which a friend of his who was recording the video says, ‘actions speak better than words.’

Speaking to Yahoo, Quintyne said, “She asked if I could call for help and I said, ‘I’m in good shape. Where is your house? I’ll take you myself,”‘ Quintyne who is an amateur boxer and a father of two further added, “When I learned she was on her way to the grocery store, I offered to go food shopping for her, but she wouldn’t allow me. She was crying, very grateful, and said that many people had driven by without stopping to help.”

Quintyne says he hopes to spread positivity and be a good example for his son and daughter. He said, “I was doing my job as a man. There’s so much hatred in the world and it costs nothing to love someone. My only goal in sharing this is to restore the values we’ve lost as people.”