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Young Widow Gets Maternity Pics, Viewers Stunned By What Else It Captured, Heartbreaking.



“She talked about him the entire time we shot. How she felt he was still there with her. How she is so happy for this gift, baby Jameson and that she was going to be the best mom she could. Tell him stories of his dad and carry him on.

Let him know how loved he is and dad will always be there in spirit. We both cried and hugged during the session.

I could feel what she was feeling through her expressions. We imagined him being there while we got some of the shots where we were adding him in, and you could see her pain while we shot. Amanda and Jesse were married on March 10th, 2017. He passed away on May 27th, 2017 around noon.

He was cutting down trees on their family property with his parents. The tree fell fine, but hit another tree on the way down, struck a limb and killed him instantly. For the baby, they chose the name Jameson William Snyder and picked it out together.

It’s the same initials as his dad. The blanket was sent to her in the mail by an unknown sender after he died. It said “God knew my heart needed you.”

While we shot she talked about how she felt he was still there with her, there are signs and she can see them. The day after there was a storm, and there was a power outage. The power luckily reset itself, and in the middle of the night while she was walking down the hall a license plate decoration in the hallway fell. It said “whatever it takes.”

She uses that for strength to know, that whatever it takes she is going to make it through this and he is there with her and Jameson everyday. She said the baby has the same grin as him. When he smiles she sees him.”

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