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7-year-old boy shuts down nail polish stereotype with epic reply to critic


Many older people believe that only girls should wear dresses and bathrooms should be separated by gender. However, younger folks don’t see any issue with changing these traditional beliefs.

A video on TikTok by Aaron (@daddyfiles) showed a touching moment when a seven-year-old boy talked about being told that boys shouldn’t wear nail polish.

In the video, the boy proudly displays his nails, which match his football jersey. His dad, Aaron, says, “looking good bud.” When Aaron asks about football practice, the boy shares that a kid’s mom said only girls should wear nail polish.

Aaron asked his son how he responded, to which the boy confidently replied, “I said your mom’s only mad ’cause I got more taste.” Proud, Aaron then turned the camera to himself and shared a strong message:“Anyone can wear nail polish, even football players, even baseball players, anybody. Let’s knock off the crap.”

@daddyfiles Anyone can wear nail polish. Girls, boys, everyone. Even football players. Proud of Tommy. 💅🏈 #nailpolish #football #parenting #gender #genderstereotypes #toxicmasculinity #raisingboys ♬ original sound – Aaron

Many people on TikTok supported Aaron and his son. One user commented, “Kids like this guy give me hope for the future. What a great dad.” Another said, Way to go bud! I wish I had been that confident in school!”

One TikTok user pointed out, “in some cultures the warriors would paint their nails before battle as part of their war paint! looks like a warrior to me!”

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