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Woman sparks mixed reactions by sharing she only showers twice a week

A woman named Allison has sparked an online debate after revealing she only showers twice a week, a routine shared by some celebrities like...

92-year-old man wishes to hold his wife’s hand one last time before passing away – the outcome will bring you to tears

In a touching scene from a hospital in Zhejiang Province, China, an elderly couple who had been together for nearly 70 years shared a...

If you see mysterious black dots in your kitchen, it’s important to understand what they mean

Imagine finding strange black dots all over your kitchen, from the tiles to the top of the family computer. This is exactly what happened to...

Two are feared dead and six construction workers are trapped following the collapse of Baltimore bridge

In the early hours of March 26, a catastrophic event unfolded on Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge, a tragic accident that not only claimed...

Hoda Kotb shares a heartfelt update about her 4-year-old’s health scare in the ICU

In a heartfelt story that speaks to the fears and challenges faced by parents worldwide, Hoda Kotb, the beloved co-host of the "Today" show,...