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Harley Davidson turns down military wife’s late payment but sends a touching note instead


In the heart of the American Midwest, Dennis Packee’s humble Harley Davidson dealership became a beacon of kindness that resonated across the nation.

Dennis, a man with a soft spot for the sacrifices of the military, found himself at the center of an inspiring story that touched the hearts of many.

The tale begins with Christopher Walters, a soldier deployed overseas, who had left his beloved motorcycle in the care of Reiman’s Harley-Davidson. With her husband away, Jaime Walters took on the responsibility of managing their affairs, including the motorcycle payments. However, life’s challenges led to her falling behind on these payments.

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In a moment of vulnerability, Jaime sent a check for the overdue amount to the dealership, accompanied by a heartfelt note explaining her situation. This note landed in the hands of Dennis Packee, sparking a chain of events that underscored the profound impact of compassion.

Dennis, moved by Jaime’s plight and the family’s sacrifice for the country, made a decision that was both personal and profound. He instructed his staff to return Jaime’s check, firmly stating, “You send that money back to her!” This gesture was rooted in Dennis’s deep appreciation for the military, shaped by his own near-experience with the draft during the Vietnam War and a lifelong commitment to supporting those who serve.

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His act of kindness, although meant as a simple gesture, quickly captured the imagination of people everywhere. A photo of Dennis’s letter to Jaime went viral, leading to an outpouring of gratitude from strangers moved by his generosity. Despite not being active on social media, Dennis was overwhelmed by the response, finding himself inundated with messages and calls from across the country.

Reflecting on the viral moment, Dennis shared his astonishment and gratitude, highlighting the reaffirmation of America’s spirit of caring and community support. The story didn’t just end with viral fame; it was further immortalized when Representative Cheri Bustos, along with the Walters family, visited Dennis’s store. In a ceremonial gesture, Dennis was honored with a Congressional Record Statement, acknowledging his compassionate act.

Dennis’s story is more than just a tale of a good deed; it’s a testament to the power of kindness and the ripple effect it can have in inspiring others. It serves as a reminder that in times of need, the support of a community, driven by individuals like Dennis, can provide strength and hope.