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Her 6 sons are bullied for their long hair— then they cut it all off and everyone realizes why


If you see someone doing something unusual or that you don’t like, think about whether it is hurting others. If not, it’s best to leave it alone and focus on yourself.

You shouldn’t judge others and decide what’s best for them, especially if you don’t understand their reasons. If you take the time to ask and listen, you might see things in a different way.

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Phoebe Kannisto has six boys who live in Cheektowaga, New York. They are a set of five-year-old triplets, a pair of eight-year-old twins, and a ten-year-old. Recently, all six boys had long hair.

Hair length and style are personal choices and everyone should respect them. It does not hurt anyone else and does not matter if someone does not like it as long as the person is happy with it.

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Sadly, many people do not understand this and make comments on everything, including the hair of young boys. The six boys were bullied because of their long hair. The bullying came not only from kids their age but also from adults, which is not fair. Adults should know better and act responsibly.

The bullies didn’t understand that the boys were growing their hair for a special purpose. One of their family friends passed away from cancer and some of the boys were close in age to their friend. The death of their friend was hard on them and they wanted to do something to make a difference.

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All six boys came together and decided to grow their hair and donate it to a nonprofit called Children with Hair Loss. It took a lot of time, but finally, they were able to donate 17 feet of hair!

It’s important to consider your actions before you ridicule or bully someone for something that you don’t comprehend. If it does not cause harm to anyone, then it’s important to mind your business.

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