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Jamie Foxx update—daughter reports actor left hospital weeks ago and is now playing pickleball


Concerns have been growing among fans about actor Jamie Foxx’s health after he was admitted to the hospital last month due to an unknown medical issue.

The 55-year-old renowned actor, known for his role in Django Unchained, has been the subject of rumors regarding the severity of his condition. Despite these rumors, his daughter Corinne reassured fans that her father had received prompt care and was already on the path to recovery.

Recently, Corinne provided a comforting update on her father’s health through Instagram. She stated that Jamie Foxx is doing well, further alleviating fans’ worries about his condition.

An unidentified source has fueled speculation surrounding Jamie Foxx’s health, contradicting his family’s statements by claiming that the actor is in a critical condition. According to the source, who spoke with RadarOnline, Foxx’s extended hospital stay suggests that he is not as well as his family has indicated.

Despite the positive updates from Foxx’s family, the anonymous source claimed that his friends and family are hoping for the best, but are also preparing for the possibility of a negative outcome. This has added to the uncertainty surrounding the actor’s health status.

According to earlier reports, an unnamed source claimed that Jamie Foxx’s condition was “touch and go for days,” and that the actor was fortunate to be alive. It was also suggested that Foxx had been dealing with high blood pressure. The situation was further complicated by a tweet from actress Nia Long, which expressed concern for Foxx’s health and offered prayers for him and his family.

Adding to the growing concerns, Charlie Mack, a friend of Foxx, posted on Instagram requesting prayers for the actor, implying a serious health situation. These statements have contributed to the ongoing uncertainty about Foxx’s condition, despite his family’s reassurances.

As anxiety over Jamie Foxx’s health has grown among fans, his daughter Corinne has taken to Instagram to address the rumors. She expressed disappointment at the way the media has handled the situation and clarified that her father has been out of the hospital for weeks.

Jamie Foxx update—daughter reports actor left hospital weeks ago and is now playing pickleball

Corinne went on to share that Foxx is not only healthy but also active, revealing that he was playing pickleball just the day before her post. This update from his daughter aims to put fans at ease and dispel the rumors surrounding the actor’s health.

Corinne also mentioned that an exciting work-related announcement would be made the following week, and expressed gratitude for everyone’s prayers and support. Earlier this month, Jamie Foxx himself broke his silence on Instagram, acknowledging the love he had received from fans and stating that he felt blessed.

Although there are many conflicting reports about Jamie Foxx’s health, the recent updates from his daughter bring reassurance that he is doing well. As the actor continues to recover, fans are keeping him in their prayers and eagerly awaiting more positive news. Don’t forget to share this significant update about Jamie Foxx’s health!