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Julia Roberts had twins at 37, and now they’re the spitting image of their dad


Julia Roberts is known not just for her illustrious career in Hollywood but also for her deep commitment to her family life with husband Danny Moder.

The couple, who prefer to keep their family matters private, share a strong bond that has flourished away from the public eye. They are parents to twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, now 19, and Henry, who is 17 years old.

Julia Roberts had twins at 37, and now they're the spitting image of their dad
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The birth of their children marked a significant phase in Roberts’ life, with the twins arriving in the early hours of a November day in 2004 at a Los Angeles hospital, followed by Henry’s birth on June 18, 2007. At 37, when she first became a mother, Roberts felt a profound connection to her role, often saying she believed her children chose her at the perfect time in her life.

Despite the universal challenges of parenthood, including the fear of making mistakes, Roberts finds immense joy and fulfillment in raising her children. She fondly recalls moments of laughter and playfulness, sharing a particularly amusing story about Henry’s confusion over “the twins” reference in their family during an appearance on The Ellen Show.


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Aware of the pitfalls of fame, Roberts and Moder have made conscious efforts to protect their children from the negative aspects of public attention. They moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco to escape the intrusive media and shield their kids from tabloid speculation, particularly unfounded rumors about their marriage.

Taking a stand against the pressures of social media, Roberts decided in 2019 to keep her children off these platforms to safeguard their mental health, as reported by The Sun. She emphasizes the importance of family discussions and careful media engagement to ensure their well-being.

At the heart of Roberts and Moder’s approach to parenting is a foundation of unconditional love and empowerment, preparing their children to face life’s challenges with confidence. The affection and unity within this family are palpable in the photos they share, showcasing the deep love and commitment that bind them together.