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8-year-old girl loses ability to walk and then stops speaking midsentence— “She’s Completely Disabled”


No child should have to endure pain, whether it is due to illness or any other cause. This is why parents are willing to do everything they can to make sure their children receive the best care and support to feel better.

When 8 years old, Pippa Daspit, started experiencing pain in her eyes and reported difficulty seeing properly, her parents became worried. They believed that something was wrong with their daughter and decided to visit a doctor for treatment.

Pippa’s endless journey of testing, doctor’s appointments, and strange symptoms began, and it lasted for several months. However, in August, her condition worsened significantly as she was unable to walk anymore.

“We were getting ready to go to school, and she just fell to the floor, and she hasn’t walked since,” her mother, Kelly Daspit, told CBS42 News.

The third grader would later get admitted to the hospital after her condition worsened. She experienced severe and persistent pain throughout her body for up to 18 hours at a time.

It was believed that Pippa was suffering from a functional neurological disorder, in which the brain fails to communicate effectively with itself. This condition is rare in young people, and Pippa’s case was unusual.

“We’re trying to find a hospital in this country that will take her and diagnose her properly, or just work with her symptoms, because there’s nowhere like that in Alabama that has an inpatient program for these symptoms at her age,” dad Tommy Daspit told CBS42 News.

Pippa and her family tried to carry on with their lives as usual. However, one month later, while they were on their way to a restaurant, Pippa suddenly stopped speaking in the middle of a sentence. She communicated through her iPad, stating that she was unable to speak. Since then, Pippa has not regained her ability to speak.

Her parents believe that she is still present within her body, even if she is temporarily unable to fully express herself. Pippa expressed feeling hopeless as her condition continues to deteriorate and she feels a lack of purpose.

However, her parents assured her that they will not give up in finding a solution and providing the necessary support.

The family decided to share their mysterious story on the internet and were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support they received, including prayers, cards, positive messages, and donations through a GoFundMe campaign.

Many people have been following the family’s journey and hoping for a positive outcome for Pippa. On November 24th, the family announced that Pippa had finally been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

An update on the GoFundMe page read: “Pippa has been suffering from Lyme DIsease for 10 months, and now it’s likely in her brain, and she’s completely disabled.”

“With heavy medications and therapies Pippa is starting to improve. Her movements are better, she is vocalizing some sounds. But she has a long way to go.”

The Daspit family has been experiencing difficult times lately, but they have still managed to find joy in small moments.

Pippa, in particular, was overjoyed when she received a hedgehog, a pet that she had been wanting for a long time and that her parents promised to get her in November.

Wilder, Pippa’s older brother, built her a sensory box outside so that she could spend time outdoors and work on her motor skills.

According to Kelly Daspit’s recent update, despite being treated with antibiotics for an extended period of time, Pippa’s test results continue to indicate the presence of both Lyme disease and Babesia, a tick-borne illness.

“Next week she will begin IV blood irradiation treatments,” Kelly Daspit shared in a Facebook post on Dec. 7. “This is yet another thing not covered by insurance, but I don’t even ask how much things are any more. I just say let’s do it.

Our hearts go out to the Daspit family during this difficult time and we sincerely hope for Pippa’s swift recovery. We are sending our heartfelt thoughts and prayers to them.

Article Sources: CBS42 News