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Autistic Boy Fails His Exams, Teacher Sends Him Home With Powerful Letter That Goes

Ben Twist is an 11 year old boy living with autism. He goes to Lansbury Bridge School and Sports College, in St. Helens, Merseyside.

10 Things You Can Do to Help an Autism Family.

When a child is first diagnosed with autism, parents often scramble to find appropriate autism services, doctors, schools and therapists. What we don’t always

Mom Shares Video Documenting How Her Son Beat Autism and its Giving Hope To

Becky Davila's son, Nolan is a sweet young boy who had autism through most of his young life. Nolan was non-verbal, almost always in

We Started a Business So Our Special Needs Child Could Know Independence.

Harish and Sandhya Bikmal used to lay awake at night contemplating an unproductive future for their now 15-year-old son, Himal, who was diagnosed with

Mom Shares Heartbreaking Video Of Her 10 Year Old Autistic Son Being Arrested At

For children with autism, being misunderstood is something that happens on a daily basis. With challenges in communication and frustrations rising, outbursts can be

Autistic Boy’s Quick Thinking Saves His Classmates From a Burning Bus.

A school bus that was transporting seven children with special needs back home had a mechanical problem that caused a fire to start up

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