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Shannen Doherty shares sad news about her cancer in an emotional interview

Shannen Doherty, a star known for her roles in TV shows like "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Charmed", has been open about her tough fight...

Woman finds bizarre creature that looks like a snake—the truth behind it is unbelievable

In a small town in Argentina called Santa Fe, Lujan Eroles, 46, had an unexpected encounter in her garden that left her and her...

If you spot these things hanging in your tree, it’s important to know what it means

In the world of tiny creatures, there's a deceptively innocent-sounding one called the Evergreen Bagworm, but don't let their name fool you! These little critters,...

55 years old Jamie Foxx quickly taken to hospital due to a medical problem

Actor Jamie Foxx was taken to the hospital due to a health issue after an unknown event took place on Tuesday. Reports say that...

Huge 12-foot snake comes out of toilet—startles house owner

Snakes, mesmerizing yet frightening, are best appreciated in their natural settings. The thought of one slithering into a house is a chilling prospect for...