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A TikTok video goes viral and sparks a big online argument about leaning back in your seat on long flights

In the world of air travel, where comfort is often a luxury, a recent incident highlighted by TikTok influencer Taylor Futch, known as @tfutchh,...

If you find a spoon with sugar in your yard it’s important to understand what it means

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Flight attendant shares a ‘scary’ explanation for why they sit on their hands during take-off and landing

In a revealing TikTok post that caught the attention of many, Henny Lim, a dedicated flight attendant working for Cebu Pacific Airlines in the...

Family discovers abandoned cat on street—upon closer look they realize it’s no ordinary kitten

In a heartwarming story from 2016, a tiny baby kitten was discovered wandering alone in Thailand. A local family happened to notice the little...

Mom faces laughter and criticism for teaching her 7-year-old how to cook and clean

Raising kids is different for every family. Parents have their own ways of teaching their children about life. Some are strict, while others let...