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Karen Grassle reveals shocking details about Michael Landon, says he made ‘disgusting’ jokes on the set of Little House

"Little House on the Prairie," a TV series that first aired in 1974, remains beloved by fans worldwide. The show tells the story of...

Fans pray for Oprah Winfrey, 70, after she is hospitalized

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Donny Osmond shares heartfelt farewell to family, posts sweet photo with grandkids on Instagram

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“Blind Side” actor stands up for Sandra Bullock after trolls demand she loses her Oscar—”find work”

Sandra Bullock is facing tough times recently. After the sad loss of her long-term partner, she's now linked to a legal issue with the...

Young mom delivers genetically identical triplets—beats 1 in 200 million odds

Becki-Jo Allen and her little girl Indiana reside in a peaceful place near Liverpool, England. One day, Becki-Jo started feeling sick and guessed that she...