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12-year-old Andrew gets adopted by his best friend’s family making his dream come true—Congrats Andrew


Many people grow up in caring families and don’t realize how lucky they are. Until a certain age, I didn’t understand that not all kids have parents who cherish them deeply.

Many kids around the world don’t experience the comfort of a loving home. Take Andrew, then 12-year-old from Nashville, for example. He spent half his life in foster care. But in 2020, his life took a positive turn when he was adopted.

Andrew quickly became close friends with Joc Gill, a boy from the family that fostered him for several years. They both enjoy playing video games and munching on pop-tarts. Joc’s parents, Kevin and Dominique Gill, have always adored Andrew’s presence in their home.

Imagine Andrew’s joy and shock when, during a walk in the park with Molly Parker from Youth Villages, he learned that the Gills wanted to adopt him. “I just turned around the corner and saw everybody,” Andrew recalled. When they asked if he wanted to join their family, he enthusiastically replied, “Yeah!”

Over 8,000 children in Tennessee’s Foster System are hoping for a permanent home. Thanks to the Gills’ big heart, that number has reduced by one. “This is my brother, Joc,” announced Andrew. And Joc responded, “This is my brother, Andrew.”

It’s stories like these that warm the heart. I’m immensely thankful for kind families like the Gills who offer children a lifelong home. If this story moves you, please share it on Facebook.