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3-year-old vows to marry childhood sweetheart—two decades later, he proposes


The story of Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel is like a fairy tale come to life.

When they were just three years old, in a preschool in Phoenix, Arizona, Matt bravely told his classmates that he would marry Laura one day. It was a moment of innocent childhood love that, surprisingly, held true over the years.

Matt and Laura were the best of friends during their early years. They would play together, with Laura teaching Matt to draw and swing, while Matt entertained her with scenes from “The Lion King.”

Facebook/Matt Grodsky

Their weekends were filled with playdates and movie outings with their families. Everyone thought it was just a cute childhood friendship.

But as they grew up, they went to different schools and lost touch, only briefly reconnecting through family Christmas cards. It was in high school, thanks to a mutual friend, that they met again and started dating.

Facebook/Matt Grodsky

College took them to different cities, with Laura attending Northern Arizona University and Matt at Columbia College Chicago. Despite the distance, they made their relationship work, visiting each other regularly.

Their love story took a romantic turn in their senior year of college. Matt planned a special proposal at the very place where their journey began – their preschool. After getting Laura’s father’s blessing and arranging for a family member to secretly capture the moment, Matt proposed to Laura, who was overjoyed and said yes.

Facebook/Matt Grodsky

Their wedding on December 30, 2016, was a heartwarming affair. Grodsky’s uncle, who officiated the wedding, noted how unique their story was, as most preschoolers are concerned with snacks and naps, but Matt and Laura had found their soulmates.

This beautiful story shows that true love can start at the earliest of ages and last a lifetime. Matt and Laura not only share a unique bond but also have the rare privilege of having photographs of themselves together as toddlers. Their story is a reminder that sometimes, fairy tales do come true, and we wish them many more years of happiness together.