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Mom sparks controversy by using a leash on her young daughter at the supermarket


Raising children is a journey full of different opinions and methods. Among these, the use of a child leash has sparked heated debates among parents.

This topic has resurfaced following an incident involving Alexis Solis, a mother from Los Banos, California.

Credit / Facebook – Qiana Monique

Solis, a former behavioral analysis therapist and mother of two, was criticized online after a video showed her using a leash on her daughter during a grocery shopping trip. The video, which Solis shared on her social media, quickly went viral, amassing over 12 million views and sparking intense discussions.

In the video, Solis is seen attaching a leash to her daughter’s hand, a practice she defends as a measure to ensure her children’s safety. She expresses her willingness to appear overprotective if it means her children are safe. Despite receiving criticism online, Solis stands by her decision.

Credit / Facebook – Qiana Monique

Solis also shared her professional insights, explaining that the leash can be particularly useful for children who have a tendency to wander or run away, a behavior often seen in children with autism. She believes that such a device could significantly enhance safety in these situations.

This story opens up a wider conversation about parenting choices and child safety. Solis’s approach has certainly divided opinions, with some viewing it as necessary for child safety, while others criticize it as excessive. The debate continues as parents everywhere weigh in on the best ways to protect and raise their children.

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