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Woman decides not to take in her husband’s orphaned niece, who might end up in foster care


A young couple faces a challenging decision about caring for their recently orphaned niece, sparking a heartfelt discussion online.

The wife, who posted her story on Reddit, is grappling with mixed feelings about potentially sending her niece to foster care. This dilemma arose after a tragic event in her husband’s family.

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Her husband’s sister passed away from a drug overdose, leaving behind two children, Rose, nearly 17, and seven-year-old Lilly. The couple, living on the East coast, finds themselves in a tough spot as their family resides in California.

The husband’s mother, living in a small house with limited resources, is unable to care for both children. While Rose plans to stay with her grandmother until college, Lilly needs a more permanent solution.

The wife shared her reluctance to take in Lilly, citing her husband’s lack of involvement in household responsibilities and his demanding military job. She expressed concerns about bearing the primary burden of caring for Lilly, given her own commitments as a full-time student and employee. Additionally, Lilly’s ADHD and behavioral challenges add to the wife’s hesitation.

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This situation has understandably caused tension between the couple. Online, people sympathized with both Lilly and the wife. Many agreed that while the foster system is not ideal, it might be the best option under these circumstances.

Commenters noted the unfairness of expecting the wife to become a single parent to a child she’s never met, emphasizing the importance of her own life goals and well-being.

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