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Mother warns others following incident where toddler almost lost eyesight due to a bath toy mishap


A mother from Illinois has shared a cautionary tale about the dangers of certain bath toys, following a harrowing experience with her young son, Baylor.

During a routine bath, Baylor’s eye became irritated, which his mother, Eden Strong, initially thought was due to water getting in his eye.


However, the situation quickly worsened, and Baylor developed cellulitis, a serious bacterial skin infection, causing his eye to protrude alarmingly and become severely infected.

Eden rushed Baylor to a larger hospital, where he faced a grave risk of losing his vision. After a tense week, during which the infection spread to both of Baylor’s eyes and down his face, the situation thankfully improved. Eden credits her faith for Baylor’s recovery, grateful that he did not lose his vision.

The source of Baylor’s infection was traced to a squirting bath toy, which Eden learned can harbor bacteria due to water being trapped inside. This revelation prompted her to discard all of Baylor’s squeezable bath toys and share her story on Facebook to alert other parents.

Her post, which included shocking images of Baylor’s condition, went viral with over 192,000 shares. Many parents responded with their own similar experiences.

Eden’s story underscores the need for caution when choosing bath toys and highlights the potential risks associated with certain types. She hopes her experience will encourage manufacturers to consider these dangers in their designs.

Eden’s ordeal serves as a reminder of the unexpected risks that can arise in everyday situations and the importance of vigilance in protecting our children’s health.