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5-year-old boy endures brutal assault by pair of dogs, faces public ridicule as ‘monster’


Ryder Wells, a then-five-year-old from North Carolina, has faced more adversity early in life than many do in a lifetime.

Surviving a vicious attack by two rottweilers at the age of 21 months during a family Thanksgiving visit in 2015, Ryder’s injuries were severe and life-threatening. He suffered extensive facial damage, crushed teeth, a broken arm, and a punctured lung, leading to nearly 50 surgeries to date.

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Despite his courageous battle for recovery, Ryder encounters harsh judgments and unkind remarks from both children and adults.

Instances of bullying and insensitive reactions, such as being called a “monster” or receiving disgusted looks, deeply affect Ryder and his family. His mother, Brittany, shared heart-wrenching experiences of public ridicule, emphasizing the emotional toll it takes on them.

Brittany, then 31, was particularly concerned about Ryder’s school experience, fearing bullying due to his appearance. She makes concerted efforts to bolster his self-esteem, reminding him of his unique beauty and the importance of embracing differences.

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Ryder’s mother advocates for greater awareness and kindness towards individuals with facial disfigurements, aiming to foster a more inclusive and empathetic society.

The family’s story, marked by Ryder’s miraculous survival and ongoing challenges with societal acceptance, just shows the need for education on the impacts of bullying and the value of diversity.

Their hope is that sharing their journey will inspire a shift in perspectives and encourage a kinder, more accepting world for children like Ryder.