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A farmer discovers a newborn calf frozen in the snow and saves his life with a hot tub


Animals, like human beings, are prone to many dangers in their lives that keep them uncomfortable.

They are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia, which is why it is always inspiring when humans go out of their way to keep them warm.

Like one farmer who came up with an unexpected solution to save the life of a freezing baby cow.

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A cow delivered a newborn in the middle of the night in a snow-filled environment unknown to the farmer, who owns a farm in Rossville, Indiana. He discovered the new addition to his farm frozen to the point of death.

Gangwer had had a long experience with cattle husbandry, and therefore he knew what to do. He had prepared a hot bath for such eventualities, and so it was a lot easier to save the calf’s life. His hot tub was big enough and ready.

Youtube ScreenshotHe jumped into the warm water for about one hour, holding the calf so that it could not drown, and after the bath, he wrapped the calf in a heated blanket.

The farmer was so kind to the calf that he named it Leroy. The calf’s temperature returned to normal, and it was taken to the major herd. The quick thought to save the little cow’s life was a brilliant idea.

The farmer, however, says that there would be no more hot rubbing and that the cow would sunbathe alone in the grass.

We learn to be kind to animals. This story is so inspiring: moving forward and showing some love for animals.

Watch the video below to learn more about the story.