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A generous tip from a kind customer leaves the server in tears and she responds in the most touching way ever


Showing random acts of kindness is very good. For example, buying a 10-dollar item at 15 from a humble seller will help them well. Kind acts come to people when they most need them. My boss is always giving out tips when we are out for lunch. He reminds me that doing that can be life-changing sometimes.

There is a random case of such a scenario at one hotel, where one server waited on a client, Isaiah Gaza. After his meal, he asked the server what she would want for her tip. The server was hesitant.

Garza surprised the server at that restaurant with her desired customer service tip. She would be content with whatever he was willing to give. She caved and said she would appreciate a $20 customer service tip.


Garza insisted and inquired about what she required. The server said she needed to pay her phone bill and buy a new air conditioner.

Garza did not hesitate and handed over an unexpected customer service tip—$50 for her phone bill. He gave another $300 for an air conditioner! The server was happy. She could not believe it because it had never happened to her. She sorted out what her heart desired.

Gaza is a famous fashion guru from a humble background and is well known for doing good. He says he was homeless and slept in abandoned buildings or his car. He also went hungry many times and never wanted to see anyone in his pleading case.


He vowed after his breakthrough that he would offer any kind of support that anyone needed. He believed that things would work out.

Gaza says that people should take every step at a time with positivity. He also reminds people that when something is not working for them, it is to lead them somewhere else.

His optimism and perseverance have opened doors for him. He now has clients like Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper.

He began by going to fashion districts in LA and only worked on a tight budget of $50, which he managed through hard work.


That big break came from a Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) college friend. While his friend was working on a shoot with Rihanna, Garza summoned the courage to offer his jewelry.

When Rihana accepted to work with him, she wore his jewelry, and Garza got an uplift. Gaza’s break explains why he is so generous with the customer service tips. He has helped survivors of human trafficking and several homeless people.

He has also collaborated with KFC. The collaboration was to raise millions of dollars to help communities fight hunger. He still hopes to help people globally. Gaza wants to stretch to provide more homes to the homeless and build schools. He also intends to keep more survivors of trafficking and abuse safe.

Gaza is a chief representative of those who thirst to make the world good. He inspires everyone to do so.


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