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A pitbull was abandoned tied to a tree to die, but it didn’t stop protecting something important to it


Pitbulls, unfortunately, have a negative image in the eyes of many. They are frequently mischaracterized as hostile, perilous, and unpredictable animals, ready to attack at any moment. However, this perception often stems from bias and misunderstanding.

In reality, pitbulls can be loving, gentle, and extremely devoted pets. Those who take the time to get to know them are likely to be struck by their affectionate nature and strong sense of loyalty. Challenging misconceptions about pitbulls and recognizing the kind and warm-hearted dogs they can be is important.

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Lara, a pitbull, was discovered abandoned near the port of Nafplion in Greece. She was left tied to a tree without any food or water, making her situation dire. Even though local residents were aware of her plight, they were hesitant to help because of their fear of her breed.

To make matters worse, Lara was pregnant during this difficult time. Trapped and frightened, she delivered four puppies in the forest while still tethered to the tree. It is unclear how long she had been abandoned in this condition.

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Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Lara persevered and managed to give birth to four healthy puppies.

Though Lara did not have enough food, she managed to care for her puppies for an agonizing 10 days until help arrived. No one in the village was willing to adopt or look after her, but fortunately, an animal welfare organization was informed about her plight. They learned of a dog tied in the woods, struggling to survive.

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Rescue workers rushed to the location and discovered a severely malnourished and dehydrated Lara. To their astonishment, they also found her puppies, who were lively and playful. Despite her challenging circumstances, Lara safeguarded her puppies and provided for them while tied to a tree, demonstrating her powerful maternal instincts.

In the face of adversity, Lara fought tirelessly to protect her five puppies for ten long days. Tragically, the smallest of the litter could not pull through, leaving four survivors.

A compassionate team of rescuers stepped in and found a loving foster home for Lara and her remaining puppies. They were taken in by Linda from The Orphan Pet, who provided the care and support they desperately needed.

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Initially, Lara was reserved and distrustful of her new surroundings and caregiver, even refusing food. Gradually, however, she recognized Linda’s kindness and began to settle into her new home, slowly regaining her trust in people.

The entire family is now thriving, and it’s heartwarming to see Lara’s story conclude on a positive note. Every dog breed can be a caring and devoted friend, yet Lara’s exceptional devotion and strength truly stand out.