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A woman who ‘married’ a ragdoll now has kids with it and says life with children is complicated


Love can be found in the most unexpected ways, and 37-year-old Meirivone Rocha Moraes from Brazil is a perfect example of this. Her love story has captured attention worldwide due to its unconventional nature. Meirivone’s partner is not a typical one; she is married to a life-sized ragdoll named Marcelo. This unusual union has made headlines globally.

The couple’s family life is as intricate and demanding as any other. Meirivone often updates about their life on TikTok, sharing details of how they manage parenting duties. Despite being a ragdoll, Marcelo is depicted as contributing to family responsibilities, especially concerning financial worries.


They have three children: a one-year-old son named Marcelinho and newborn twin daughters, Marcela and Emilia. Meirivone talks about the challenges and joys of raising kids, mentioning how Marcelo assists her in daily tasks with the children. She emotionally expresses that every moment is precious, even amidst the fatigue and challenges of parenthood.

Meirivone and Marcelo’s relationship has its share of ups and downs. In a startling revelation in June 2023, Meirivone shared that Marcelo had ‘cheated’ on her, leading to him being punished. This incident, along with the kidnapping and safe return of their child Marcelinho in February 2023, adds to their unique family narrative.


Their next goal is to own a house, a dream Meirivone is determined to achieve. She has been actively searching for a home since their wedding in 2018.

This family’s story, though unconventional, highlights the diverse forms love and family can take. Share this with others so they can also learn about this very unique family and their lives!