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Boy skips asking Santa for gifts—instead he requests help for his sister


In the heart of North Carolina, an 8-year-old boy named Ryan Suffern shares a unique bond with his twin sister, Amer.

Their connection is a testament to the deep love and support siblings can offer each other. Ryan’s devotion to Amer is especially poignant, as he puts her happiness above all else, even his own desires.

Facebook/Karen Lynn Suffern

Amer, unfortunately, faces challenges at school due to being bullied for her weight. This situation deeply troubles Ryan, prompting him to take an extraordinary step. In a letter to Santa, instead of asking for toys like a remote-controlled car and a helicopter, he makes a heartfelt plea for his sister to no longer be bullied.

Their mother, Karen, was moved to tears upon reading Ryan’s letter. She had been aware of Amer’s struggles with bullying, which mirrored her own childhood experiences. Despite her efforts to address it, the situation remained unresolved.

Facebook/Karen Lynn Suffern

Amer, who also grapples with ADHD, depression, and a mood disorder, bravely faces the cruel words of her peers, supported by her loving brother who describes her as fun, active, and protective.

The story of Ryan’s selfless wish caught the public’s attention, leading to an invitation for the siblings to appear on “Good Morning America.” There, Amer opened up about the bullying, expressing disbelief in the hurtful comments she received.


In a heartwarming turn, Ryan’s other wish for his sister—to have her favorite band, Big Time Rush, attend her birthday—was fulfilled by the show’s crew. The band not only performed for Amer on the program but also invited her and Ryan as VIP guests to a concert in New York City.

Following the public attention, Karen was able to initiate meaningful discussions with the school, resulting in improved conditions for Amer. Measures were taken to ensure her safety and comfort, particularly on the school bus where much of the bullying occurred. The positive change is evident in Amer’s recent eagerness to attend school, a hopeful sign of better days ahead.


This story serves as a powerful reminder of the issues many young children face. Ryan’s wish for his sister reflects a universal hope for a world free of bullying, a sentiment that resonates with many and inspires us to advocate for kindness and understanding.