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Young boy stops police officer and asks to pray with her—may he be blessed


Little children brought up by godly parents will amaze you because they always want to share the love of Christ with their peers and adults.

The story we have today is about a young kid on his way to school who stops and prompts a police officer to join him in prayer. Dykes, who works for the Metro Louisville Police Department, was on her daily patrol when the little boy asked if they could pray together.

Dykes had always loved children, and so she gladly granted the young man’s request. The boy was happy and prayed for Officer Dyke’s safety, ability to make more people’s lives better, and to have a good day.


The boy made the officer happy, and it was a good way to start her morning. She was amazed by the little boy’s generosity and kindness. The willingness of the boy to share the word of God melted her heart.

Later that evening, Dykes returned to the bus stop with the hope of seeing her new friend in vain. She hopes to find him soon so that she can tell him how amazing he was.

We pray for the two to find each other and share the joy of their friendship.