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Man organizing wedding with ragdoll, says they’re already nurturing a ‘family’ together


In today’s world, where it feels like we’re always chatting or posting online, some folks still find themselves feeling pretty lonely. But one young man decided to get creative to fill that gap in his life.

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Imagine planning your dream wedding with the love of your life. Now, meet Cristian Montenegro from Colombia, who’s doing just that. But here’s the twist: his beloved is not what you’d expect. Cristian’s partner, Natalia, isn’t a person but a ragdoll. Yes, you read that right!

Cristian shares snippets of his life with Natalia and their children on TikTok under the username @montbk5959. From celebrating anniversaries to parenting their doll kids, Cristian’s posts have caught the eye of many. Believe it or not, they’re now a family of five, with their latest addition named Sammy.

Facebook/ WeRising Stories

Their adventures include typical family outings like shopping and strolls in the park. Cristian even shared a unique video of Natalia ‘giving birth’ to Sammy, with another doll playing the part of the doctor.

It’s clear that Cristian pours a lot of love into his unconventional family, even facing criticism with a brave face. He once said, “If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something.”

It’s a story that certainly makes you think about the many forms love and companionship can take. So, what are your thoughts on Cristian’s unique family? Feel free to share your opinions and pass this story along to friends.