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All Dollar General employees quit —they all give the same odd reason


In an unexpected turn of events, a Dollar General store in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, has temporarily shut its doors after the entire staff, including General Manager Trina Tribolet, resigned en masse.

This collective decision to quit was highlighted by a note left on the store’s door, signaling a planned departure that had been months in the making.


Tribolet, who had been at the helm for approximately a year, cited a combination of being underpaid and overworked as the primary reasons behind the mass resignation. She recounted her exhaustive routine of working seven days a week since Christmas, a situation exacerbated by her need to distribute a limited number of working hours among her staff. Following her departure, Tribolet has chosen to take a mental health break, while her colleagues have pursued new employment opportunities.

This dramatic action was not taken lightly. The staff had grown attached to their regular customers, making their decision to leave even more difficult. Tribolet emphasized the impact of their departure on the community, highlighting how daily interactions with customers had become a source of joy.


The store experienced a brief closure of about three hours on a Saturday morning before reopening with an entirely new team. A Dollar General spokesperson addressed the incident by reaffirming the company’s commitment to creating a supportive and rewarding work environment for its employees.

Adding to the complexity of the situation was the store’s food donation policy, which Tribolet identified as “the last straw.” She expressed frustration over the waste of near-expiration and undamaged food items that could have benefited those in need, instead of being discarded. According to Dollar General’s public relations team, the company adheres to Feeding America’s donation guidelines, which dictate these practices.

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