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Diane Cade—A three-time cancer survivor, tells her story


According to healthresearchfunding.org, hairy cell leukemia affects 52,380 people in the United States. This condition affects 22,288 women in the United States. Hairy cell leukemia is rare, accounting for about 2% of all leukemia.

Diane Cade has survived hairy cell leukemia twice in her life. She has recently survived uterine cancer and has resorted to shaving her hair so that other cancer patients do not feel alone.

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She described the first time she went through chemotherapy as a treatment for hairy cell leukemia. It was difficult because she was dying by the time doctors discovered it.

Cade stated that she found peace during treatment by meditating and praying. She encouraged patients that having a belief system is beneficial when undergoing treatment.

Diane believes that taking good self-care is a must when managing cancer. Her routine included meditating on healing mandalas in O magazine and keeping pictures of her family on hand.

Her positive outlook on life kept her in constant communication with her family as she was receiving her first treatment in South Korea. She tells other cancer patients to be kind to themselves throughout treatment.

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She has shaved her hair in solidarity with other patients. Diane assists in raising money for St. Jude’s Hospital by participating in an annual walk in New York.

Cade recommends that cancer patients join a support group so that they can learn. The support groups will expose them to the possibility of meeting and speaking with someone who is going through a similar experience. She belongs to the Til Vahalla VIP Group, which can be found on Facebook.

Diane explains how sharing your experiences can bring you peace by believing that whatever you are going through today has been experienced by someone else in the past. You must remain silent and learn.

Her cancer experience teaches us about hope and a positive attitude in order to live longer and overcome adversity.

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