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If you see a rubber band on your door handle, don’t touch it—here is why


If you see a rubber band on your door handle, be careful and don’t touch it. Our homes are meant to be safe spaces where we can relax and feel comfortable. So always be cautious and make sure your home stays safe.

Many people put up cameras around their homes to keep safe. But sometimes, thieves still find sneaky ways to get in. A woman from Texas, Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, shared her experience to alert others about a new method robbers are using to enter homes. Be cautious and stay informed!

Kim was at home by herself when she heard someone knocking really loudly on her door. She wasn’t expecting anyone, so she didn’t open it. When the knocking got even louder, she felt scared and chose to wait a bit before going out to see if anyone was still there.

A little later, when things seemed quiet, Kim went to her front door and saw a rubber band on the handle. Confused about what it meant, she called the police to tell them what happened.

The police came to Kim’s house and told her that others in the area found rubber bands on their door handles too. The police explained that thieves use this trick: when someone opens the door, the rubber band keeps the latch from closing fully. This way, robbers can get in easily later on.

With the rubber band trick, the bad guys can push into the house because the door latch doesn’t close all the way. That means people can’t quickly shut and lock their door. Kim wants everyone to know about this so they’re careful when opening the door, especially to strangers.