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Pope Francis’ health ‘progressively improving’ after being rushed to the hospital with difficulty breathing


Pope Francis is recovering nicely after being taken to the hospital on Wednesday due to breathing difficulties. On Thursday, Matteo Bruni, the director of the Holy See Press Office, shared in a statement that the Pope’s health is gradually improving and he is following his prescribed treatment.

At 86 years old, the Pope has shown resilience by enjoying his breakfast, reading the morning newspaper, and continuing with his work. Additionally, he visited a chapel in a private apartment and partook in the Eucharist before having lunch.


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Pope Francis recently expressed his thanks to everyone for their prayers and support through a tweet. He was unexpectedly admitted to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital following his weekly general audience. Although the Vatican initially claimed it was a planned visit, Italian media became suspicious when a prearranged interview with the Pope was suddenly called off.

In an official statement, Bruni revealed that Pope Francis was taken to the hospital for testing due to experiencing respiratory issues in recent days. The reason for his hospital visit was to address these concerns and ensure his well-being.

The Pope experienced a severe infection as a teenager, which led to the removal of a portion of one of his lungs. Despite this, he has been able to carry out his duties effectively over the years.

Recently, Vatican authorities confirmed that the Pope would stay at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital for several days to undergo suitable medical care. The exact diagnosis and treatment details were not disclosed. However, it was clarified that the Pope had a respiratory infection, not related to Covid-19, and that it would necessitate a brief period of hospital-based medical therapy.

“The outcome of these [tests] showed a respiratory infection (excluding Covid-19 infection) that will require a few days of appropriate hospital medical therapy,” Bruni said.

We are sending our thoughts and prayers for Pope Francis. We wish him a quick recovery.