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I returned home to find my wife in tears, hiding behind a closed door, feeling humiliated


A man recently turned to the “AITA” forum on Reddit to seek opinions on whether he overreacted by kicking his sister and her twin daughters out of his home. The incident occurred after a serious conflict involving his wife, who is battling cancer.

When the man’s sister got divorced, she had nowhere to go. She asked to move in with him along with her two 16-year-old daughters. Although the man and his wife were already going through a tough time—his wife was receiving chemotherapy treatments—they decided to open their home to his sister and nieces.

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The man’s wife was struggling with the side effects of her treatment, particularly losing her hair. To help her cope, she got a wig, which helped her regain some self-confidence. Her husband was very supportive, doing everything he could to make her feel beautiful.

However, the man’s teenage nieces became interested in the wig. They wanted to touch it and play with it and even asked their aunt if they could borrow it to style. The wife refused, as she didn’t want to be seen without it.

One day, the man came home to find his wife locked in her room, crying. After much pleading, she revealed that his nieces had taken her wig without permission. When she asked for it back, they laughed at her and started filming. Humiliated, she retreated to her room and refused to come out.

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Furious, the man confronted his sister and nieces in the kitchen. The girls handed back the wig, claiming it was just a prank. When he asked his sister to discipline her daughters for their behavior, she dismissed the incident, saying it wasn’t a big deal and that they were overreacting.

This response infuriated the man. Despite knowing that his sister and nieces had nowhere else to go, he decided to kick them out of his house. He informed them about the eviction, which they initially thought was a joke. When they realized he was serious, they began to cry and beg him to reconsider. The man’s sister even involved their father, who tried to convince him not to go through with it.

The man wanted to know if he had overreacted, as his sister claimed, or if he did the right thing by standing up for his sick wife.

Many Redditors shared their opinions, overwhelmingly supporting the man’s decision. One user, Aunty_Fascist, stated, “NTA. They’re 16, old enough to know better and understand that actions have consequences.” Another user added, “If my son did that at 16, I would flush his phone down the can, lock up the keys to the car, and ground him until he’s 25.”

A user named laulau88foo pointed out, “How would they feel if someone shaved THEIR heads and started filming and laughing?” This sentiment echoed the general consensus that the girls were rude and the man was right to defend his wife.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you think the man overreacted, or was he justified in standing up for his wife?

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