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Mom finds out her son was bullying others—her unusual punishment divides opinions online


In a small town in Texas, a mom named Star took a unique approach to teach her son a lesson about bullying.

The issue began when her son was found calling other kids in his class names like “idiots” and “stupid.” Wanting to address his behavior, Star, who describes herself as an “old-school parent” with strong morals, decided against the usual methods of discipline.

Instead, she had her son wear a t-shirt to school that said “I AM A BULLY.” Star even shared photos of him in this shirt on Facebook, not to embarrass him, she says, but to offer apologies to any kids he may have hurt. The reaction online was mixed. Some people supported her tough love approach, while others thought she went too far.

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Despite removing the Facebook post due to negative comments, Star stands by her decision. She explains that her son has learned from the experience.

He reportedly told her that he didn’t like how the shirt made him feel and doesn’t want others to feel bad because of him. Since then, Star has noticed an improvement in how her son treats his siblings and cousins.

Experts have mixed opinions on Star’s method, with some suggesting it might do more harm than good. However, Star believes her son has learned an important lesson about empathy and kindness.

This story raises questions about the best ways to teach children the consequences of bullying and whether unconventional methods like Star’s can be effective. What are your thoughts on this approach? Share your opinion and support the fight against bullying.