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If you notice your child covering their nose in group photos— this is what it could mean


In the ever-evolving world of the internet, a new trend called ‘nose covering’ has emerged among young people.

This involves teenagers covering their noses—and much of their faces—with their hands in group photos. While it might seem strange, this trend has a deeper meaning.

Credit / instagram – Paris Fury

Many teenagers today are conscious about their appearances, especially during the awkward phase of braces or acne. British parenting expert Amanda Jenner explains that this trend is a way for teens to stay in the picture without feeling embarrassed about how they look.

By covering their noses, they can avoid fully showing their faces without outright refusing to participate in family photos or friend gatherings, which might upset their parents.

“Using covers is the only way they can remove themselves without actually upsetting their parents by refusing to be in the photo,” Amanda Jenner told Fabulous. “We as parents want and insist on capturing the moment but to a teenager this is a big deal. Teenagers go through a period of not embracing their appearance, i.e. could be spots, braces, or they just have a time in their lives where they have no self confidence.”

Credit / instagram – Paris Fury

Amanda Jenner points out that this behavior is not just about vanity or shyness. It’s also a protective measure. Teens worry that their photos might be shared and mocked online by their peers, which can be damaging to their self-esteem. This fear leads them to hide part of their faces as a way to maintain some control over their image.

This trend highlights the complex relationship today’s youth have with social media and public appearance. It also serves as a reminder for parents to be understanding and supportive. Jenner advises parents to recognize that seeking independence and setting personal boundaries are normal parts of growing up.

So next time you see a teen covering their nose in a photo, remember, it might be their way of navigating the challenging world of social media while trying to keep their self-confidence intact.

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