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11-year-old passes away due to an online trend—now his family is alerting others about the common household item that caused his death


In a heartfelt appeal to parents everywhere, a family is speaking out about the dangers of social media trends after suffering an unimaginable loss.

Their message comes in the wake of a tragic incident that took the life of their 11-year-old son, Tommie-Lee Billington, a vibrant young boy from Lancaster, England.

The tragedy unfolded during what started as an innocent sleepover at a friend’s house. Influenced by a perilous trend circulating on TikTok, Tommie and his friend engaged in an activity known as “huffing”—the inhalation of volatile substances found in household products like dry shampoo, spray deodorant, and glue. The goal of such challenges is to achieve a temporary high, but the consequences, as Tommie’s family devastatingly learned, can be fatal.

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In a matter of moments, following their participation in the challenge, Tommie’s heart tragically stopped, leading to his immediate death, as confirmed by medical professionals. This incident is not isolated; it echoes the dangers of similar challenges on TikTok, which have already claimed the lives of two teenage girls.

In response to their son’s death, Tommie’s family has embarked on a mission to prevent similar tragedies. Sherry, Tommie’s heartbroken mother, has taken to Facebook to issue a warning to other parents about the potentially deadly outcomes of seemingly harmless online trends.

Her message is a poignant reminder of the importance of open communication between parents and their children regarding the content they encounter on social media platforms like TikTok.

“I have never felt pain like this. My whirlwind. I just love you so much mate. My baby boy. You will forever be in my heart. I will make sure to the best of my ability that your name and your beautiful face will become the reason that other children’s lives will be saved and other families don’t have to suffer this deep, deep hurt.”

As the community mourns the loss of young Tommie, his family’s message stands as a crucial call to action for parents to engage in conversations with their children about the content they consume online. In memory of Tommie, let us all commit to raising awareness about the dangers of social media challenges and ensure our children’s safety in an increasingly digital world.