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Teenage girl loses battle with cancer, but her mom finds comfort when looking at her coffin


Laura Hillier, a young girl from Ontario, Canada, was diagnosed with leukemia when she was just thirteen years old. She went through intensive treatments and was thrilled when doctors declared her cancer-free.

However, this joy was short-lived as the disease came back four years later. Tragically, Laura lost her battle with cancer on January 20, 2016.

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Her family shared the heartbreaking news on a Facebook page dedicated to Laura’s journey, where they had been posting updates about her progress and struggles. They wrote about her bravery and how proud everyone would be of her. They described Laura as a girl whose courage, strength, and pure spirit shone brightly until the very end.

Laura was a student at Nelson High School and was loved by many. She had a way of touching the lives of everyone she met. When she passed away, her friends wanted to show just how much she meant to them.

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They covered her casket with notes, expressing their love, gratitude, and sorrow. These messages were filled with heartfelt words, showing just how much Laura was cherished by her friends, family, neighbors, and even the hospital staff who took care of her.

One of the messages on her casket read, “You were musical. You were artistic. You were understanding. You were my bestest friend.” Another message said, “Very brave and strong. You will always be a hero.” These notes showed the impact Laura had on those around her and how much she would be missed.

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At Laura’s funeral, her favorite color, purple, was everywhere. It was displayed in the church and worn by many people in her honor. This small gesture showed the love and respect everyone had for Laura. Even though Laura is no longer with us, the love and support from her community were truly heartwarming.

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May Laura rest in peace. Her story reminds us of the strength and courage of young people facing tough battles and the incredible impact they can have on their communities. Please share Laura’s story with your family and friends on Facebook to honor her memory.