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76-Year-Old grandma gets criticized for not dressing her age – her comeback silences the haters


A 76-year-old grandmother, Candace Leslie Cima, showed off her style but some people didn’t say nice things about it. Despite that, she didn’t let it stop her.

Candace, who lives in Buffalo, New York, is not just a grandma but also a wife, mom, artist, businesswoman, and model. She has a blog called “Life In My 70s: Aging Is Changing” where she talks about getting older.

On Candace’s blog, she helps other women by giving tips on how to be happy with the changes in themselves as they age, and shares ideas on lifestyle and fashion. Candace’s fascination with aging started a long time ago, when she was in her 20s and 30s. She also owns a place where older people live, and she’s been doing this for many years, so she has met a lot of elderly people.


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Candace learned a lot from spending time with these older people and believes that getting old today is different than it was in the past. She says that now, older women can be smart, kind, and stylish, and can do a lot of great things in their later years.

Candace has a TikTok account where she shares videos about her life and fashion with almost 100,000 followers. People have different opinions about her style; some love it, while others don’t.

In one video, Candace is wearing stylish light blue pants, a white short-sleeve top, and heels. The video says people tell her she shouldn’t wear that because they think she’s 60, but she surprises them by saying she’s actually 75! In another video, she’s taking a walk near a pool in Florida, wearing a cool black swimsuit. Many people commented on how fantastic she looks.

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Candace created her TikTok account to inspire other women to feel good about getting older and not worry about the bad things people sometimes say about aging.

On her blog, she talks about the good things that come with getting older, like becoming a better person. Candace loves that she feels less stressed as she gets older and enjoys trying new things and being brave. She wants to tell women that getting older might be the best thing that’s ever happened to them, and says that a lot of older women are doing amazing things in their lives. She strongly believes that older women shouldn’t feel like they have to follow rules made by society about what they should wear or do. She wants to show that age doesn’t stop you from doing great things.

Candace understands that as she gets older, stress and worry can affect her more, but she has found that giving things time and practicing meditation helps her handle these feelings.

She also realizes that her attitude in life is super important. She says that thinking differently about something can change how you feel, and that can change what happens. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop doing things. It means you know more and can use that knowledge to do amazing things if you want to. Candace also knows that keeping her body healthy is key as she ages. She stays active and shows bits of her routine online. She really likes doing yoga to keep her body in good shape.


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Candace posted a video of herself doing yoga and lots of people were amazed at how bendy she was for her age. She’s showing people what it looks like to age in a healthy way. One person said, “You are so inspiring! I am 44 and look up to older women like you to learn how to age well.”

Even when some people say mean things about her age, Candace doesn’t let it bother her. She’s proof that being beautiful doesn’t depend on age!

Candace’s story is a happy reminder that you can age awesomely if you do what makes you happy. Share her story with friends and family to show them that aging can be wonderful!