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Mom chastised online for dragging her baby on a leash through an airport


Parenting can be incredibly challenging, with no clear guidelines on how to be a good mom or dad. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when dealing with unruly children, or trying to navigate the gray areas of parenting.

This lack of clear direction can lead to conflicts and debates among parents, as they search for the right way to raise their children. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, it’s important for parents to trust their instincts and seek support when needed.

A mother faced criticism and controversy after a video surfaced of her pulling her son through an airport using a harness tied around his chest. The incident occurred in 2019 and was shared on TikTok, leading to a heated debate on the internet.


The video was uploaded by a TikTok user named Erica Shupe Hall, and it quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and conflicting comments.

In the video, the mother can be seen trying to convince her child to follow her, but he refuses to walk and lies down on the floor. She then proceeds to pull him across the carpet using a leash tied to a harness around his body. The incident sparked a heated debate about the appropriateness of using a leash on a child.

“My OCD would not allow me to drag my child on that dirty floor. I’d rather pick him up, but I guess I’m different,” one commentator, Delicia, wrote.

“Horrible parent. That’s child abuse,” another, JennyLisg, said.


A third wrote: “I just carry mine at that point. I’m not dragging them in that dirty floor.”

A fourth said: “There is a difference, in my opinion, [between] using a harness for the safety of your child and dragging the child with it on the ground. I wouldn’t do that to my dog, and I sure as hell wouldn’t do it to my child.”

Despite criticism from some, others have defended the mother’s actions in the viral video. Some viewers, such as Sophia, supported the mother, stating that she was doing what she had to do. “Lmao! Do what you gotta do momma.”

Another said: “I’m not saying it’s right… I’m saying I understand! Show me a perfect parent who has never made an error in judgment or hasn’t done whatever they could to survive the day.”

Shimona Jade Kennett added: “I don’t see any issue with this. Although she could’ve probably carried him, he seems okay to be pulled along. If the kid were [distressed], he would have been making a scene.”

A fourth wrote: “I had a harness and leash for my five kids. I never lost them. They never got hurt. They were safe and liked the independence of not having to hold my hand. I don’t recall ever having to drag them like this, but I understand how it could happen.”

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The use of harnesses and leashes on children is a topic that divides opinions among parents. While some argue that they are a useful tool for keeping children safe and preventing them from wandering off or getting lost, others criticize the practice.

However, it’s important to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of using such tools and to use them responsibly to ensure children’s safety. What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know in the comments.