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Homeless woman receives a free ‘ugly’ abandoned trailer — wait till you see how she transforms it


More and more people are choosing homesteading as their way of life, a trend fueled by the desire for self-sufficiency. Homesteading involves growing your own food, preserving it, making clothes, and even crafting items for household use or to sell.

This lifestyle appeals because it allows a comfortable living without a high income.

Mama V is one such homesteader. She left her city life to fulfill her dream of living in the woods in an old mini-school bus. However, space became tight with her pets aboard, prompting her to think about expanding her living area.

Luckily, a neighbor offered Mama V an old trailer he no longer wanted, and she eagerly accepted it, saying, “She’s ugly, but she’s mine!”

Selling her bus to fund renovations, Mama V, with help from friends Jayme and Kevin, began transforming the trailer. Despite needing a lot of work, the trailer was solid and came with a microwave oven/stove combo, a refrigerator, and was leak-free.

The clean-up effort was hefty, but by the end, the trailer was outfitted with two full propane tanks, a pull-out couch, a full kitchen, twin beds, a bathroom complete with a shower and bathtub, a utility monitoring panel, and plenty of storage.

Now settled in, Mama V is ready to start a garden and embrace the homesteading life she’s always wanted, grateful for her pets’ company and the support of wonderful neighbors.

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