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Baby miraculously found in a tree following tornado destruction of Tennessee home


In Clarksville, Tennessee, a remarkable tale of survival unfolded after a devastating tornado tore through the area.

The tornado, which sadly took three lives, left the Hol Park Mobile Home Community in shambles. In this chaos, a four-month-old baby named Lord had an extraordinary experience of survival.

Sydney Moore, Lord’s mother, recalled the terrifying moments of the tornado. She was protecting her one-year-old son, Princeton, while her boyfriend rushed to save Lord, who was in a bassinet.

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Astonishingly, as the tornado struck with full force, it lifted the bassinet with little Lord inside into the air. Miraculously, Lord stayed in the bassinet even though the fierce storm tossed it around.

Once the tornado had passed, Moore’s first concern was to find her baby amidst the wreckage. In an almost unbelievable turn of events, they found Lord placed in a tree, with a deep cut on his face.

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Despite the injury, Lord was still alive, which Moore believes was nothing short of a miracle. The family had to navigate through the destroyed landscape to get medical attention. Lord had suffered a concussion and an ear injury, and her boyfriend had a broken collarbone.

This heartbreaking incident also brings to light the incredible survival story of the youngest individual affected by the tornado. A damaged bassinet near their home remains a somber reminder of the family’s frightening experience and their resilience.

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