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Bride wears grandma’s wedding dress from 1961 down the aisle—which was stored in a trash bag


For many young women, the perfect wedding dress is a dream come true. This was definitely the case for Allie Livingwater, a 23-year-old bride who recently tied the knot.

But Allie’s wedding dress had a special story behind it. In 2016, while going through her grandmother’s cellar, Allie found a beautiful dress that had been carefully preserved in a garbage bag.

She knew instantly that she wanted to wear it on her wedding day. The dress had been worn by Allie’s grandmother on her own wedding day over 60 years ago. Now, it was Allie’s turn to wear the treasured family heirloom down the aisle.

Five years later, when Allie got engaged to Timothy Livingwater, she knew exactly what dress she would be wearing. It was a beautiful moment that honored her family’s past while also celebrating Allie’s future.

Allie was overjoyed on September 25th when she wore her special wedding dress. Her grandmother was just as thrilled, as she had given Allie her “something old” and “something borrowed” with the dress. After it was cleaned, the dress fit Allie perfectly and she only added a hoop skirt.

Allie’s grandmother was moved to tears as she watched her granddaughter walk down the aisle in the dress at Turners Falls. Allie shared the significance of her dress on Facebook, posting a photo of her and her grandmother in the dress. She expressed how unforgettable her wedding day was because of the dress and its sentimental value.

Allie and her grandma share a unique connection. They have lived together since Allie was born because her family moved in with her grandmother when she lost her husband after 38 years of marriage.

Allie has never met her grandfather, but wearing her grandmother’s wedding dress made her feel closer to him. Her grandma was moved to tears because she never expected her dress to be used again, especially not for her granddaughter’s wedding.

This is a heartwarming story about a precious moment shared between a grandmother and her granddaughter. It is my wish that everyone gets to experience such a special bond with their grandparents.

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