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Couple who desperately wanted kids adopted triplets—then doctor informs them about a “new” sonogram


Sarah and Andy Justice, a couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma, struggled for years to have children. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, they decided to pursue adoption as an alternative.

They soon connected with a birth mother and accompanied her to an ultrasound appointment. To everyone’s surprise, including the doctors and the birth mother herself, the ultrasound showed that she was expecting triplets!

A few months later, the triplets, Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, were born without any complications. Just a week after their birth, Sarah and Andy received even more astonishing news.

The couple, who once thought they may only have one or two children after a lengthy adoption process, were now unexpectedly on their way to having a large family. They couldn’t have been happier with this unexpected turn of events.

In 2014, Sarah and Andy Justice were overjoyed to adopt a pregnant woman’s triplets. Unfortunately, the triplets, Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, were born prematurely and faced initial challenges.

The newborns had to stay in the neo-natal intensive care unit for some time before they could be taken home. Despite the difficulties, the Justices were ecstatic to have them. Only a week after welcoming the triplets, Sarah received incredible news from her OB/GYN…

Following the arrival of the triplets, Sarah attended a doctor’s appointment where she received astonishing news: she was pregnant with twins! In a dramatic turn of events, Sarah and Andy went from having no children to expecting five in total.

Eight months later, the twins Abigail and Andrew were born, filling the household with joy and activity. Remarkably, Sarah soon became pregnant once more, this time with a single baby. When their sixth child, Caleb, was born, it had only been an incredible two years since the couple had been childless.

Sometimes, life surprises you with unexpected twists and turns, leading you to achieve your dreams. This is exactly what happened to a family whose unique story gained global attention. The Justices’ journey became widely known after their interview on the TODAY show in 2014, where they shared a glimpse into their hectic everyday life.

The Justice family, with their large number of children, went through an astounding 300 diapers every week, as Andy, the father, explained. The constant cycle of diaper changes kept them busy, but despite the challenges and hard work, the couple had no regrets. Sarah, the mother, expressed their love for their children and their appreciation for their extraordinary family life.

According to photos shared by the family, the children are thriving and growing up quickly. The Justice family continues to be grateful and maintains a positive outlook on life.

Their story and dedication to their children serve as an inspiration to thousands of people. This heartwarming tale is indeed a wonderful miracle. Congratulations to the Justices, and may they and their little ones continue to be blessed.