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Michael Douglas’ ex-wife Diandra got $45 million in the divorce – here’s how she’s living now


Michael Douglas, the beloved Hollywood actor known for his roles in “Fatal Attraction” and “Wall Street,” is happily married to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

However, before his blissful union with Catherine, Michael experienced a tumultuous and costly divorce from his first wife, Diandra Luker.


Michael and Diandra were married for 18 years. Their marriage, which began in 1977, saw them welcome a son, Cameron Douglas. The couple’s divorce in 2000 became one of Hollywood’s most expensive, with Michael paying Diandra a whopping $45 million. Additionally, Diandra received their shared residence in Santa Barbara, California.

Diandra later took Michael back to court in 2011, demanding more money. She argued that she deserved half of the income from the sequel to “Wall Street,” as she had supported him during the making of the original film.

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This legal battle occurred while Michael was battling cancer, which led to public backlash against Diandra. She defended herself, stating that neither she nor Michael knew about his illness at the time.

Despite losing the case and not receiving any additional money, Diandra continued to live a life of luxury. She resided in Mallorca until 2019, in a grand villa with breathtaking views, before Michael bought out her share of the property. Diandra then moved to Ibiza, where she enjoys her time with her twin sons, Hudson and Hawk, and her adopted daughter, Imara.


In 2022, Diandra sold an apartment in New York for an impressive $17 million, further cementing her lavish lifestyle post-divorce.

Michael Douglas, now 79, continues to thrive in both his personal and professional life, sharing a beautiful family with Catherine Zeta-Jones, including their two children, Dylan and Carys.

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